Mallory Dobias, M.A.

Clinical Psychology PhD Student, Stony Brook University

About Me

Clinical scientist in the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, working with Dr. Jessica Schleider; therapist for the Krasner Psychological Center at Stony Brook University.

My research evaluates barriers to mental health treatments—and develops accessible mental health interventions—for youth experiencing self-injurious thoughts or behaviors.

About My Work

Accessing mental health treatment shouldn't be so hard. Many youth who experience suicidal thoughts, or who engage in self-harm, do not access mental health care. Of youth who do access mental health treatment, many drop out after receiving a handful of sessions, or have negative experiences in treatment. How can we increase quick access to affirming, non-invasive, evidence-based mental health supports for youth experiencing self-injurious thoughts or behaviors?

Barriers to Care

Evaluate structural and personal barriers to accessing mental health treatment in youth. Use advanced computational methods to predict which youth are less likely to access care.

Accessible Interventions

Develop and evaluate mental health interventions that prioritize accessibility for those who would not otherwise receive care.

Youth-Driven Care

Examine youth's perspectives and feedback about their own mental health treatment using mixed method approaches.

Transparent Science Practices

Share materials, pre-registration, data, code, and pre-prints.

Get In Touch

Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating, hearing more about my work, or if you're an aspiring clinical psychology PhD applicant who would like more information about applying to graduate school (I've written about my application experience and shared some free materials here, and the Lab for Scalable Mental Health has resources for applicants here).